Friday, July 30, 2010

Baking, again.

Had a lovely morning (night?) at SELMA with my dad. I can post more pictures of his food and the plating later when the pictures are on their blog, but I have a few from the night before.
Made several pans of peach blueberry crumble, no need to post another recipe. I did tweak it by using a bit less topping, and only maple syrup as the sweetner. And since it's local food, only one of the pans was vegan because they prefer to use melted butter in the place of oil, so I used that for 3 of the large pans. Also some honey was put in the filling. We arrived as volunteers around 6, and stayed until about 11:45! My dad started on his "breakfast BBQ" and baked that amazingly smelling cornbread. He also did the collards, and we baked some corn to grill the next morning.
Me tired!
This is a tomato. Not a melon. Not a pumpkin.
The next "morning" I was awoken at 4:45 by the most annoying alarm you will ever hear, (just ask my cousins, it literaly sounds like singing chipmunks and weird disco music.) I got clean, dressed, and went to start early at around 5:30 at SELMA. We got a few customers at around 6:40, but the rush came between 7:30-9:00 I'd say? I may be wrong. But that's sure what it felt like!! I was on bacon duty, dish drying/putting away, and egg frying. It was all very fun, but I have an itching desire to go to sleep now.
I finished my t-shirt class, and successfully made 3 t-shirts and 1 pillowcase! My camera is out of battery, but I'll post a picture of my shirts soon. I also put my friend Sagen's design on the pillowcase. The class was a lot of fun, and it was good for my legs to bike like 7 miles a day!
May do a lil' TV watching, gum chewing, uh wow I should stop now. I almost forgot! I'm going to be going away to camp from Sunday to next Saturday in waay up north michigan. It's my 4th year going, and I absolutely love it. It's like a church camp, but it's all the "normal" camp activities with some greek orthodox education mixed in. I loove going! No blogging tho:(
I'll talk more later but I think I better get some sleep! I've been up for almost 19 hours! Uh oh!

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