Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day in the Life

Since I have no pictures yet :( I'm going to do a post anyways in attempts to entertain my 24 loyal followers. I've noticed some other bloggers do "a day in the life" of themselves, and I know it's fairly self centered but c'mon, I'm not going to rant about food if I don't have pictures. So heres an average day for me:

6:15-Attempt to wake up
6:20-Slowly become alive
6:25-Mom comes in "ITS 6:30!" "NO ITS 6:25!"
6:30-Zombie walks out of bed
6:40-Gets dressed/washes face/teeth
6:55-computer time :D
7:15-Leaves for school
10:47-Lunch at a ridiculousley early hour
3:30-School is over!!
3:45-Usually an after school activity, practice of some sort, auditions, rehersal for theater
5:00-Eats dinner in the hallway at school that I packed for myself!
6/6:30 ish-Bikes home
9:30-makes lunch/food for the next day
10:30-shower and blow dry hair
11:15: read and listen to music
11:45: Sleepytime

Wow that was a lot less interesting than I thought it would be...Anyways.

My friend Daphne has a birthday tommorrow, shout out to her!!

Love you Daph!! Have a great birthday and enjoy the baked good I made you! (More to come when I ACTUALLY have a camera cord.)

Schools been very busy...I finally figured out my schedule and stuff, how to get to classes, blah blah blah. I tried out for the play, Hairspray, and I think I did pretty well! At least on the singing...I dont want to talk about the dancing! But I'd better work on my history homework and card for daphne. Talk to you guys later!

If I haven't been commenting on blogs so much, I'm sorry but it's just that it's not like summer where I have tons of time on the computer. But I do read them, I promise. Every single blog in the "Other foodie blogs" tab, I read religiousley. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for a good post!


  1. Some of us think your day is not so boring. Personally I am impressed every day with the amazing things you accomplish.