Sunday, October 3, 2010

A new week

Ello 'der.

I had a great day today!! I ran a 5k with my dad and sisters this morning. A few players from our soccer team were in it-thats the reason for my soccer shirt. It was really cool, and the route wasn't extremely hard, but I think it was a bit harder than the last 5k.
I finished at 29:55 chip time, which is 1 second off from the last 5k!! That time was 29:54. Bummer. But I still had fun, and I hope to improve next time. Beforehand I had a massive honeycrisp apple, and later in the day I cooked this beauty:

Barley casserole from The Kind Diet. All I can say is MMMMM. I'll look forward to this tomorrow for dinner! It has barley, I threw in some spelt berries, carrot, celery, shoyu, spices, and a delicious tahini dressing with onions and spices. Its then layered and baked, and the tahini dressing hardens a bit on the top, but is still oozing when you eat it. So good!!!
I've had various attempts this week on making vegan pudding. Thats right. So first I tried chocolate pudding...FAIL. I tried it again, even more of a fail! Today I tried pumpkin pudding, and the first time it was so runny, and I tried to reduce it more and little pearls formed of like, cornstarch. I was really confused. Now in the fridge I have a little pumpkin 'pudding' but its more of a weird custard. Whatever. I'll try again!! I know I can do this!!

I have a busy busy week plans, so I apologize in advance for not posting a ton. Have an awesome week you guys :)


  1. I really really need to get that book!
    I hope you can share the pumpkin pudding recipe when you get it right..its sounds so good..i've been in a little pumpkin craze lately haha

  2. I'll try to work on it more...but something isn't coming out right! Hm.

  3. Wow - you're a runner too? Very impressive! And the barley casserole looks "delish" !!!