Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pictures only :)

Hello beautiful people of the blogosphere and elsewhere.

New Hurr.


  1. Cute pic of you.

  2. i love your blog. i am a follower of the kind diet, and have tried and love just about every recipe except the ones containing mochi because...i can never find it ANYWHERE! none of the associates at whole foods, sprouts, sunflower or any of the local asian markets seem to know what i'm talking about when i ask where to find mochi. which section do you usually find it in, and how is it packaged? thanks :)

  3. Oh! Mochi, I can usually find at my local Co-op (I'm in Ann Arbor) or whole foods. But I find whole foods doesn't always have it. Its in the refrigerated section, and its in a vacuum sealed package. Thats weird that you can't find it!! Let me know if you can.