Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back from the dead...

Sorry I haven't been updating. I've mostly been keeping up with my tumblr, which is But the url is changing constantly, haha. It's somewhat of a food blog, but to be honest its more of an 'everything' blog. Some of my photography is on it, as well as other random posts. It's not a replacement for this blog, by any means.
I want to keep this blog up, because it's a lot of fun. But I've lost some motivation with cooking. I rarely  bake anymore, but I assure you I'll be posting here sometimes. One of my favorite meals I've been having is roasted chickpeas with tomato sauce and spinach with garlic. It's super yummy :)
Well I have some bread to tend to upstairs...So bye for now. I'll post more, promise :)

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