Monday, May 3, 2010

Signs of Summer weather (?)

I'm convinced that Michigan summer is creeping in slowly. Here is my proof.
1.It was humid this morning. A week or two ago, it was chilly in the morning, but got warmer throughout the day.
2.Wearing jeans was too hot!

3.It was hot HOT in my school. The windows were all open but air failed to come and bless us.
4.I am beginning to hate having my blanket on while I sleep. Well, not hate. That's a strong word. But its too hot, period.
Kay, maybe that's not so slowly. Whatever.

My dad and I had a cereal-fest this morning. THREE BOXES of cereal crowded the dining room table.
1. Ezekiel original sprouted grain cereal

2. Post shredded wheat
3.Kashi Go LeanOkay, I didn't take the picture of the ezekiel or the shredded wheat. But that's because I didn't really have those cereals.
I had a bowl of Kashi with almond milk and strawberries. I munched on a few nuggets of shredded wheat, as well.
On my walk home from school, it was especially humid. I stopped by trader Joes to get more chocolate chips for the batch #2 of peanut butter cups, 2 zbars for my neice and nephew, and baby carrots. My friend picked out sour jelly beans. These things were interesting to carry home. (Chocolate chips+humidity?) Luckilly they didn't melt.
For dinner, around 6:15, we had big salads because of the monster bag of feild greens leftover from the weekend. MONSTER BAG. (I could fit in it.) I made a dressing with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, whole grain dijon mustard, and parsley with a few cranks of salt n' pepa.
I also had some ann arbor tortilla factory garlic tortilla chips (what a mouthful!) with TJ's kalamata olive hummus. My favorite, currently! Also some carrots with the heaven dip.
These chips are crunchy, flavorful, and not too greasy. They are great as a nacho base, with salsa, or out of the bag. OKAY, I don't have to tell you how to eat a freaking chip.
Later in the evening, at around 7:50, I went for a great jog for about 1.5-2 miles. Who knows how long it was, I was in the iPod zone! But as soon as I was finishing walking to the corner and back after running, the downpour began. Dark clouds hovered the sky when I was out, but I hoped that I wouldn't be caught in the storm. And wattaya know?
Well, it's bedtime for me :) and I'll be up early! So I'll blog again tomorrow evening. Thanks for reading!!


  1. What if I don't know how to eat a freaking chip?

  2. I thought it was obvious...but there are suggestions above!