Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the go

I'm not exactly sure if I sat down just to relax today...when I was sitting down I was either in a class or doing homework! I think now is my relax time when I can just ramble to who-knows-who on my blog, which could be discovered or undiscovered.(?)
I started today off with some oats. Not pumpkin oats *shocking* but still delish.

1/3 cup rolled oats
1 tbsp ezekiel original cereal
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
small handful dates rolled in flour (I LOVE THESE)
a few raisins

It was yummy, not too sweet, and just what I needed.
Yesterday my dad bought DELICIOUS green grapes...I went through a "phase" last summer where ALL I wanted was grapes. Mostly red. But I went through a bag like every 2-3 days. Yeah. They are quite addicting and yummy. Anyways I threw some in with my lunch and it made my afternoon a little better:)
I had a lovely, warm walk home with my friend. I started on my homework load when I got home, and then later on went to soccer practice. It was HOOOOOTTTT!
My dad and I went shopping for a few things, veggies, fruit, (jumbo strawberries!) nuts, a can of beans. Maybe a few other things, but since wer'e going away this weekend we can't get so many things.
Dinner was leftovers, but yummy ones. The last of the sweet tater lentil stew :(sniff sniff) some baked asparagus, mushrooms, tomaters, and carrots with salsa. I thought it was good!

I made a double batch of chocolate peanut butter cups tonight! It's for my relatives over the weekend to share. I made them for them last weekend and now its my "official job" to make these babies at every family gathering. I'd better keep the ingredients in the house at all times from now on!! Hope they are as good as the last batch- my freezer has no square inch of room!

Well it is gettin late, so I'll sign off and blog again tomorrow. No more sweet tater lentil stew to show!! See yaaa!

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