Monday, August 23, 2010

Nice to see you again, blog.

Hi guys! Camp was so fun...if there are any readers from cabin 13 then this is a shout out to you! I had such a good time hanging out and working hard to put on a great concert on sunday, even though 7 1/2 hours of singing a day was hard work. I think choir is going to be really good this year.
I love them! I'm on the far left on the bottom.
Shell on the beach!
For the food sitch: I brought these snacks, and finished everything except one lara bar and 2 rice milks. The delicious rice crisp bars were enjoyed by people in my cabin, as well as being eaten by myself:)
The food at the camp was...*to put it nicely* not the highest rated by campers...The great thing was that there was a salad bar available at lunch and dinner, loaded with lettuce, assorted veggies, hummus, garbanzos, kidney beans, TOFU!, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and plently of dressing options. They also had peanut butter, and I liked to mix a little of that with soy sauce to make a dipping sauce for my tofu. I was very happy and really only ate that for lunch and dinner-I changed it up between the options, and I didn't think the food was ALL that bad :D
On sunday, my parents came up to see the concert. They took me out to dinner (how nice) at a place about 25 minutes from the camp, and it was lovely! I got brown rice with sauteed seasonal vegetables (zucchini) with hummus, and a small side salad with a yummy dressing. The portions were really small, but everything was so fantastic. There was also this cute loaf of bread which I sampled.
Of course we couldn't just leave it.

I arrived home today and relaxed a bit, had some rice (I was seriousley craving whole grains since I had nada at camp) and caught up on blog posts.

My dad and I went shopping at a really cool, new asian market right near our house. I loaded up on napa cabbage, daikon, hijiki, kombu seaweed, a large bag of brown rice, barley, black eyed peas, rice syrup, mirin cooking wine, miso paste, umeboshi plums, carrots, celery, black sesame seeds, and my dad got a crunchy rice snack (which had wasabi so I didnt eat it) and maybe one or two other things, not really sure :D

We also stopped by Hillers to get sunflower seeds, collard greens, a bag of cereal, and my dad got granola, and a couple other things. I went to bed bath and beyond to get icing decorator tips and bags, and muffin cups. YAY!

I cooked a lot this evening, made gomashio, toasted seeds, and prepared a delicious dinner for myself.
Brown rice with a little gomashio, some seeds, chopped daikon, and scallion. Steamed collards and napa cabbage drizzled in sesame oil and seeds, and a small cup of miso soup with some daikon. So healing :D
I think I made enough brown rice for a week, or more! Yum. Its so delicious and healthy.

I have some fun food posts coming up soon after the weekend or so, but before then I'm not sure...I'll probably not be able to contain myself and bake something. So talk to you later blog!

Thank you for reading (:


  1. hi i found your blog through post punk kitchen's page on facebook : ]
    i really like all your posts and pictures! glad i found it : ]

  2. Welcome home! I missed your blog updates!