Thursday, September 30, 2010

My friends, honeycrisp and maple.

Hello readers!! How has fall been for everyone? I've been enjoying tons of honeycrisp apples with cinnamon and walnuts...

It's dark in my room...the pictures aren't PERFECT.
I baked up a batch of these delicious pumpkin oatmeal cookies!! So perfect. I gave them out to friends at school. The recipe is from Vegan with a Vengeance, and I always add a tablespoon or 2 of nut butter, for flavor. I used Mighty Maple this time! I'd never tried it, and it's super yum. It has the texture of Jif peanut butter, but the taste is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I also tried this, which has been talked about on tons of other blogs. Little did I know it was made right here in Michigan!! I liked it, but it was a bit grainy. The taste was great though-so many different kinds of seeds and nuts. I'll have to try their other flavors.

I would show you a picture, but uh...yeah.
I always take these pictures early in the morning or at night, so theres no natural night! Ugh!! That's why they are blurry/ugly/dark. I'll try to improve.
Schools been good this week, but I'm so glad tomorrows Friday!! I don't know if I'll have much cooking planned for the weekend, but maybe for the sake of the blog I'll do something fun! We have our first grades mailed home tomorrow...I'm pretty confident with the way they'll turn out. But who knows, right?
Fall is such a great season in my opinion...I love the cool weather where you can wear a sweatshirt with flip flops and still be OK. Halloween is always really fun, and I still have to make a Thanksgiving plan! That'll be fun. So far in advance though... I never think that far because things always seem to come up. Winter is fun, but its just so dark, and before you know it it's pitch black at 7:00.
I have a little homework to finish up, and I hope to post for the weekend. I'm doing a 5k on sunday, so there has to be some post regarding that! See ya :D


    i love you, Olivia c: almost as much as i love apples. and your delicious cookies >:D