Monday, September 27, 2010

Today is just NOT my day.

Good evenin' bloggees. Lifes been good today, pretty mellow.
Wait just a second.

Last night, at 1:48 AM exactly, I shot out of bed (not literaly) with hopes that it was morning. My dream had woken me up, it was quite insane. I was on some island with my friend Daphne and it was my birthday- I had 'one wish' that I could ask this Taoist looking dude with a long beard on some trail in the middle of no where. I looked at Daphne and asked "can I ask for John Mayer?" And she said no. So I asked for No Doubt (LOVE THEM) and then they came and somehow I got a record deal...
But theres more. Then I'm in my house, in the hallway, and theres some random ghost just standing there, almost halographic. I had lost my voice, (?) and tried to scream 'mom' but she just looked at me and smiled, and nodded her head. Pretty much summed up my life right there in that dream. Music, horror movies, john mayer, and my crazy awesome family.
Then all of a sudden I wrote this down on my phone at 1:48 AM, steaming hot (but it was cold last night!) and proceeded to fall back asleep, dreamless. My mind never shuts up.

This morning, as I brought my mug of coffee to my room , plus my beautiful plate of a freshly cut honeycrisp apple, I sat down at my computer. After taking MAYBE a sip of coffee and a bite of apple, the entire mug of coffee spilled onto my beautiful apple, thank you card, and leggings (which I was wearing...) Today just isn't my day. Oh and not to mention a bad hair day-ish. But I bumped up my math grade from a B- to an A-! Yay for that!!

For the part you all really came for (I'm guessing? Maybe? No? Ok.)

A very yummy snack of homemade simple spicy garlic hummus with some raw veggies. Perfect :D

My precious kitty Bourbon! Such an in-the-moment shot.
My lady gaga wig from last year! I love photography. Okay, I'm going to go for a quick run now and then proceed to do homework!
Question of the day:
What is the strangest dream you have ever had?


  1. I think it means you can't always get what you wish for, but sometimes what you end up with is pretty good. No doubt.

  2. Oh thats a great way to think of it actually!!! Aww!