Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm still alive

Hey y'all :D
Bad news: My camera is still missing :(
Good news: I'm saying hi!!
I was just in Hairspray, my school's musical. It was AMAZING! Theater is so much fun. I have an audition next week for a production as well...There will be pictures from that soon.
I've been cooking a little, I made some super amazing chocolate chip coconut blondies, which I'll have the recipe for soon :D In the meantime, I've been eating a lot of frozen fruit with almond milk, veggies with tofu, chickpeas, and carrots. The usual. I'm planning a little get together this weekend, and I'm cooking a moroccan themed meal. That's a surprise, because Hoai An, I know you're reading :)
How is everyone out there in the blogging world? I'm still reading plenty of blogs, but things are so busy right now it's hard to comment on all of them :/
Thanks for checking in guys! Hope to be having a real post soon.

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