Monday, November 29, 2010

Say hello to 'bento'

Hello everyone!
I have a new lunchbox to show off! Not the best pictures. I'm only home when its dark out. In the morning, until like 7:20, and in the evening after rehersal at like 7. So it's lose-lose.
Speaking of which.
As you may know, I was just in Hairspray, the musical that my high school put on. (It was magnificent!!) So much fun. I just recently had an audition for another production, sort of like american idol, (but the freshman version :D ) and made it! Congrats to Daphne, my awesome friend who made it too...wer'e in for some fun. I'll keep you posted about that and when it is!
Back to food. I took this around school, carrying it like a baby wrapped up in a bag and lunchbox, to make sure not one little carrot went out of place. It survived!!

Carrots, peapods, hummus, brown rice with sesame seeds & gomashio. NOMNOMNOM.
Love this pic.
Now I'm sitting, listening to music from Guys and Dolls, and about to study for a history test tomorrow. Lets hear it for Ghana and Timbuktu and trading routes!!!
I just finished this beauty:
Leftover brussels sprouts and green beans from thanksgiving, steamed broccoli and carrots, fresh tomato. With a combination of brown rice syrup and sriracha chile sauce for dressing, with a spritz of canola spray. Yum. (SO MANY COLORS!)
My question for you is:
What are your favorite study methods? I could use some help...especially for history!! :P
Talk to you soon


  1. I've always wanted a bento lunchbox. You're so lucky!
    My favorite study method is to read over my notes in a quiet area with classical music playing. I re-read my notes or the chapter several times. I highlight important parts and then I quiz myself with random questions about what I just learned. Goodluck!