Sunday, December 5, 2010

December birthdays!?

We have a lot in our family. So many that we just have a joint birthday party for them...My dad, sister, nephew, and brother in law. And extended family, but this is just people that live in the area. We had a celebration at my grandmas, and I brought dessert!

The 4 year old in me was unleashed :D

Fauxtess cupcakes and lemon gem cupcakes from vegan with a vengeanceWe didn't have birthday candles!!! Wow. A food basket put together by my dad for my sister's family: Dark chocolate, clementines, marcona almonds, garlic ann arbor tortilla factory chips, olive oil soap, wasa crackers, cheese, more cheese, hummus, dates, tea, falafel chips, and salsa.

By the way...both my lights in my room are burned out. I have 4 candles lit and one is "homemade cookie" scented. YUM.

I'm pretty busy this week :D Gotta go catch up on email and homework, then make some tea. Talk to you guys soon! Thanks for reading.


  1. Those cupcakes--especially the chocolate ones--look so professional! YUM!

  2. The lemon ones were scrumptious too! Thanks for my birthday treat, Olivia!