Saturday, January 22, 2011

A quick update

Hello blog world, I am alive.
And working on the whole camera situation as well! Other than that, there has been lots of baking and cooking going on. I made banana butter yesterday, as well as orange scones and lemon poppyseed muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance. I made lentil soup from a new cookbook the other day, which has just been devine! Yeah, a lot of cooking has been going on. But also cleaning-I cleaned out the entire fridge and freezer of failed experiments, questionable looking things, etc. Our fridge is soo empty! I think a trip to whole foods is needed fairly soon...
But off the topic of food, the last theater production I was in just ended. It was so much fun-I barely had time to even do a little update though on the blog!! I've decided against doing the spring musical, as much as I want to, my schedule is changing a lot for school and I want to try something different.
I was also thinking that this spring, something fun to do would be to pursue my baking more, but maybe start a mini-business with it. My sister had asked me if I baked something for her once a week, she would pay for the ingredients or some portion of the money. That kind of sparked the idea, maybe just having friends email me about asking for baked goods. But I'm not starting some huge business or anything...keep in mind I am in high school!! Any thoughts or tips on that?
This week is going to be crazy, I may not have the chance to update so much because it is...

Yup. So much fun. Half days never sucked so much. But after it's all over I'm sure the feeling of ease and de-stress will be awesome. I'll talk to you guys (whoever you are) soon.

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