Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Surprise surprise!

MY camera went through one of these:

Yes. My camera went through the washing machine. 'Nuf said.

It is sitting in a bag of rice right now (supposedly this works?) and I have to keep it there for a week. Only 4 more days...that'll be interesting to open on christmas.

I've been busy busy busy baking, I have made:

Lots of peppermint bark(is white chocolate vegan? I think NOT.)
homemade peppermint-walnut chocolate
granola (vegan)
orange cookies (vegan...not literaly orange but with orange zest and liquere)
sunflower seed cookies (vegan)
sun-butter (veagn...sunflower seeds in a food processor with local honey and a tiny bit of canola)
peanut brittle (so far from vegan its sad)
more non vegan candy...

And maybe I'll just have to make it all again when I can take pictures, just for the sake of the blog :)

I have a curse. A camera curse. They hate me. Urgh. I apologize-the best time of year to blog (in my opinion) and my camera went through a vigorous washing machine cycle. Poor baby.

I guess I can just post boring wordy posts, but who likes that. Maybe I can get my hands on my dad's camera or moms. But with my luck I doubt they'd let me use it :)

Merry Kwanzicha? Merry Christmas, happy late hannukah, and happy kwanza. Or holidays. To sum it up.

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