Friday, April 30, 2010

Last day of April...really?

Does anyone else think this month has gone by unbelievably fast? Maybe it's because I had a week off...who knows. But it just seemed to be over quickly.
Sorry about the lack of pictures! I ate on the go/out today and didn't have a chance to take any pics! But tomorrow-if I do anything exciting (may be trying granola bars again) for my relatives in Pennsylvania. Is that a good idea, or should I make vegan rice krispie treats? many desicions.
I woke up late today (teeehee) and packed cinnamon vanilla pumpkin oatmeal. Its my new obsession. (That and my thermos!) I took it to school and ate it in class-it smelled yummy!! And it made me really warm!
For dinner, my friends and I went to a vegetarian resteraunt downtown, called Seva. There were so many options! I didn't know what I wanted-I ended up getting the Veggie Nirvana which was a boatload of raw veggies with a lil' saucer of super magical hummus. Whats with me and hummus?! We all shared the (addicting) yam fries, I had mine with hot sauce and ketchup. I almost got a veggie-hummus wrap in a pita, but decided that I would be having yam fries, which were soo worth it.
Sorry about the stale post!! I'm going to do pics tomorrow. I know it. Wow I fail at blogging.

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