Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sorry this is sooo late! My internet wasn't working for like, 2 days. Oh well, I'll start back up again today-I am determined not to give up on this blog. So heres today's story.

When I woke up, I wasn't the least bit hungry:( But I knew I'd be starving if I didn't have something. So I had a green apple, and a fig. (or 2...) It was fine, I don't know what was up but this was fine till lunch.

I enjoyed a walk home, it was a bit chilly but started raining a lot on the last 5-10 minutes. I used my zebra stripe lunchbox to cover my head! Mwahaha.......

I had an early dinner at like 5:30, right before soccer practice. I made Sweet Potato lentil stew, the recipe is one of my earliest blog posts. I served it over brown rice, and it's so filling and delisssssssh! I reccomend it 100% and it makes your house smell freaking amazing.

Well hopefully I'll have something more exciting than fruit and leftovers tomorrow! Maybe oatmeal? But I may be going out for dinner. Ok, well I'll blog tomorrow!

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