Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why hello, Wednesday!

I woke up sort of late today. Kinda well rested and stuff, I was happy and not all grumpy and grumbly like I usually am. :) I set out my "mis en place" for the pumpkin bread I was making later that night. Which is in the oven now, smelling like heaven.
I packed kamut puffs, a small handful of oats, a sprinkle of raisins, and strawberries in an earth balance container with almond milk. I ate it in class, and it was perfect! No pictures though, my carpool rolled up to my house and I had to go:(
I picked up my nephew today, walking to his house was nice, not too hot or anything. But shortly after arriving at my sisters, it started POURING. We played soccer in the basement, he beat me 25-24. I actually got somewhat of a workout, running back and forth and crashing into walls and falling and such. Oh well, its not too bad that a 6 year old beat me in soccer {:
(Sorry about the lack of pictures. There are some to come, I am extremely lazy about it.)
I worked on my pumpkin bread for a while when I got home, and made a salad with the massive bag of Field greens in the midst of it all. Field greens, (very unripe) avocado I had to smash several times on the kitchen floor to make it remotely ripe (shh...), tomatoes, broccoli, red pepper, and leftover balsamic Dijon dressing. I cooked up a lil' bit of quinoa for protein AND grains, mixed it with beloved rooster sauce, and threw it on top of the salad.
Don't you LOVE this picture?

My pumpkin bread...before it went in the oven! This would be another delicious recipe from The Kind Diet. The recipe is in one of my early blog posts. I promise. This time, I MELTED chocolate over the top. NO macadamias, this time I used pecans and walnuts. Another important piece-I used 1/2 pumpkin, and 1/2 sweet tater puree. Let's see how it turns out! I think it'll be better.
I'll show the finished product of the pumpkin/sweet tater bread by tomorrow. I'll be back tomorrow evening, for sure! No baking tomorrow:( oh well, less cleaning!:)

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