Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ups and Downs

Well I took a picture of my breakfast today, (UP!)which I am proud of. Not too pretty, but I walked to school today because I delivered the pumpkin bread to my sister for an early mother's day present. We'll be away in Washington, D.C. for a wedding this weekend, so I figured I should give the bread to her while it's still fresh! UP!
I packed kamut puffs with a few oats thrown on top, 2 lil' strawberries, and a few raisins in my peanut butter jar. (clean) I had it with rice milk and cinnamon, and ate it on my walk to school! While listening to my iPod. Great way to wake up, if anyone needs it. UP!
I had a rough day (care not to share...) down...and went for a very sprint-iful run to work it out. Its actually good to exercise when you're mad, I've found out. I was able to run faster! Cool.
My dad picked up "the best middle eastern food ever" in Belleville, MI. (?) UP! I ate his leftovers for dinner, super yummy baba ganouj, with carrot, red pepper, and cherry tomaters. Some tabbouleh as well, which was uh-freaking-amazing. So flavorful. I didn't know parsley had so much potential.
(NO, I didn't have that much baba ganouj. I just took the tupperware out of the fridge.)
A big strawberry for dessert
Well my science binder is waiting for me to study it, (down...) so I had better tend to that...I'll probably blog tomorrow, but forgive me if I don't as I'm leaving for D.C! Well definetly Sunday I'll blog.

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