Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures went bye-bye.

Yeah. It's sad.
But the good news is that we happen to have a digital camera in the house that I MIGHT be able to use. Crossing my fingers...
So heres a boring post, I guess. You'll just have to use your imagination for the pictures.
Well yesterday I wanted pancakes...Let me give you a peice of advice. Don't take a waffle recipe and try to make it into a pancake recipe. And don't listen to Isa's heating tips in the Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook. Medium high? Pshh. It made the outside crispy (charred) and the inside doughy. Next time I will A. Use a pancake recipe. B. use a lower heat. I think that should work. BUt they did have great flavor-banana oat raisin (waffle) into pancakes. I always try to learn from my mistakes though.
After my AWESOME guitar lesson and soccer game (which we won! YAY!) my dad and I had some lunch together. Leftover lentil soup from The Kind life, (very small cup:( )some chips with guacamole, and fresh melon cubes. Held me till dinner!
I did a lot of gardening yesterday. Weeding the front garden, mostly. But some cutting of branches, raking, and disposing of dead leaves. Wish I could show you a picture!
My dad, friend, and I went out to our family lakehouse last night. We stopped at Godaiko for sushi and it was DELISH! I got the cucumber vegetarian rolls, (gouged in soy sauce, of course) and some avocado slices from my dad's plate.
After another win in a soccer game (3-4!) my dad stopped at best buy to have the Geek Squad at Best Buy look at his newly purchased laptop. It's a pretty cappuchino color. Something is wrong with his keypad, I feel bad:(
We had a great lunch together, some leftovers from a baby shower that he had on Friday for a coworker. Quinoa salad with peapods, apricots, and apples, Pita chips and carrots with guacamole, a cube of the super amazing delicious addicting bread I made, and a few more melon cubes. Still not that hungry for dinner, but I'll have some fruit n' veggies, or some bread. NOTE TO SELF: Late lunches (3 o'clock) result in a hunger absense later on. Oh well.
Went for a run for 2.5 miles through the park by my house. It was hard because I was cramping a little bit on my sides, so I walked 30%40% of the run. It's better than nothing!
Intense singing week for me. I have a rehearsal tomorrow to work on my solo for my choir concert, and the concert (x2) on Tuesday! Also auditions for a show on Thursday. Hello tea and throat losenges! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I hope to have a camera soon, I know I keep apologizing, and I know it's annoying, but SORRY ABOUT THE PICTURES again. Okay, hope to have a more colorful blog next time.

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