Monday, August 9, 2010

Tonights production

Threw together some dinner with veggies playing the star role, with supporting roles played by tofutti cream cheese and cilantro.
Super yum! Had a little square of dark chocolate afterwards. For some reason I got SUPER full after just a few bites of this yummy dinner, but my tummy has settled down a little bit. It was still good though!
I made a "risotto" with wheatberries cooked in vegetable broth, bulgur, brown rice from the freezer, and some steel cut oats. To that I added some fresh stewed tomatoes that I pulsed with some herbs and olive oil, cilantro, celery, and tofutti cream cheese! That made it UBER creamy. Also a little salt and pepper, cayenne, and earth balance.
I sauteed eggplant with salt, olive oil, summer squash, shallots, celery, carrots, basil, and cilantro. I topped it with my new favorite topping, vegan parmesan! This was yummy, and theres a lot of leftover grain risotto in the fridge.
I really want to get some glass Ball jars to store oats, cereal, flours, and baking needs in! My parents do not understand the method. I think it'll make our cupboard pretty, and neat. Does anyone else do this?
Question of the post: What orginazation methods do you have in your cupboard or fridge, if any?
Good night guys, talk to you tomorrow! I'll be volunteering at a kitchen, more about that tomorrow. And it's not SELMA. :D


  1. I read your blog description as "no animals were harmed in the BAKING of this blog" lol seems appropriate ;) just had to say how yummy your veggies look! xoxo