Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowed in

If only today was a school day...urrghh....

Hello everyone! I haven't been here in a while...sorry bout that. I've been busy baking for the holidays, I tried some sparkled ginger cookies and they were, uh, interesting. Yummy, but very ugly.

I'll keep trying.

But I did make vegan caramels!! They are so cute! I didn't have any cream, so I made a fake 'cream' from soymilk, cornstarch, and a little powdered sugar to thicken and sweeten it. It worked, but something was weird about them. They tasted a tiny bit too healthy, almost like there was brown rice syrup. But there wasn't!!

We've been busy putting up the tree as well...while I was opening the ornament box to unload them, a certain someone found a nice place to nap.

Ah, Bourbon. The holidays have begun for all of us.

I just sat down to a big bowl of celery and carrots with homemade spicy hummus...when your body craves something like that for breakfast, don't deny it. :) I went through many phases of breakfasts, as you guys can probably see...

The oatmeal phase

The cereal and fruit phase

The granola phase

The waffle phase

The honeycrisp apple phase

The breakfast bread phase

The smoothie in a bowl phase (Thanks, Kath!!)

The muffin phase

Oh wow. Now that that's all typed up, I feel really self consious and indesicive. uhhhh....

Well today I got up at 8, listened to John Mayer, made really good hummus, ate, and blogged. I'm doing homework later, unless we get more snow therefore a snow day. If only....

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  1. When you perfect your caramel recipe, I would love you forever if you posted it on your blog! ;) I would love to make those for the holidays!!!