Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hello all! I had a snow day today!! Just thought I'd awkwardly throw that in there.

I have a new camera. We will not talk much about this. Its the same kind as before, only in blue :) Heres a recap of my camera mishaps if you care/are bored.

For the sake of my sanity and lack of sleep, I'll let you consume (no pun intended) these photos without much explanation.

Roasted red pepper hummus. Nom.

Barley casserole with tahini dressing from The Kind Diet.

Peanut butter/agave rice krispie treats (some w/chocolate) from The Kind Diet. Nomnomnom.

Another form of art: A painting I did on a deconstructed shoe shelf!!

A weird abstract painting.

Vegan ice cream! Almond dream. With coconut and almonds and a strawbery. Nomz.

Well, before I sign off...a recent dillemma (sp?). I had some soymilk in cereal the other day, like I normally do, (almond most of the time, but there was a sale on soy) and felt somewhat nauseous the whole day. I thought it was just a little cold, and didn't think much of it. The next day, I had some tofu at dinner, and for the rest of the night, was in excruciating pain!!! The day after that, I had a small sprinkle of soy sauce on lentils. As soon as I finished eating, the thing came back.

I'm going to give up all soy for a while. Vegan, no soy. Haha right. But as I decided upon giving up soy for a while, it occured to me that maybe I should just give up some other stuff too. All white sugar? All white flour? Should I go macro again? (didn't really talk about it, but it did happen haha.) I'm just confused about what I should do.

I gotta clean a little and go to bed, but I'll see you guys tomorrow :)


  1. I love your artwork!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your artwork. That is so my style. Both pieces are beautiful!

    I do okay with fermented soy products like miso and tempeh, but yeah, tofu, soy milk, edamame? Watch out!

    Mmm, tahini. :)

    Hope you have no more camera troubles!